19 June, 2009

Singapore Gaga

LGaga105:55 AM Jun 16, 2009

Christopher Toh, christophertoh@mediacorp.com.sg

The flamboyant Lady Gaga at the SingTel showcase set. Photo courtesy Fairoza Mansor

SO THERE we were, at the Dome at Clarke Quay, waiting for the hottest babe in pop to LGaga2appear.

We’re talking about Lady Gaga, who made the guys in the office drool after seeing her in that bubble dress on the cover of Rolling Stone. Or was it some other magazine? After that picture, details become hazy.

Anyway, we were at the Dome because Lady Gaga was to perform a showcase set at the launch of SingTel’s new music service, AMPed. Yeah, it wasn’t a full gig, but with DJ Paul T spinning, it was definitely a party.

LGaga3 An hour later, the mistress of flamboyance came on to the beat of Lovegame. True to her passion for fashion, Lady Gaga wore three different costumes (and wigs). Considering that she only sang five songs, that might seem a bit much, but hey, it’s Lady Gaga.

Not one for normalcy, she performed LGaga4 Pokerface playing the piano - arched over on the piano chair. You had to be there.

It was too short a show, but it was a good taste of what to expect for her full-on concert in August. You can be sure, we won’t want to miss that either.

From TODAY, Music; see the source article here.

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