06 April, 2017

Kernel Panic - Not Syncing After Ubuntu Upgrade, Update

Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 started from Live CD with...
Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 started from Live CD with Install window open (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kernel panic - not syncing! I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04, and that is what I got.

After being away from my blogs for so long a time, building my own website, and letting it go after a year, I am back to Blogger.com.

Since my last blog, it was about 2 years already, I think more than. And I have forgotten what my e-mail was. I mean, there is one e-mail that I always use, as much as I can remember. But I tried to log in using that account, and it was not!

I tried my second best candidate, and even that one, it was not!

Searched a bit on how to find out who the blog owner is, found some things, like looking at the profile, etc. Didn't work for me.

Finally, I had to log-in with the account that I knew I always use, and checked out the settings, and I saw another e-mail account, and to my surprise! I mean, I can't believe, and I doubted, that I am using that e-mail in my blogs.

Nothing would be lost, so I tried, and what do you know? That was the correct e-mail account!

And I had to put this in writing, the error I encountered when I updated Ubuntu Linux to 16.04. That was the reason why I was anxious to start blogging again.

Kernel panic - not syncing... and some other texts.


After upgrading Ubuntu Linux to 16.04, I can't boot up Ubuntu Linux. Grub shows, but after selecting Ubuntu, OS stops at that line: Kernel panic - not syncing....


1. boot-repair - this was the first thing I did. Using a Live CD/USD of the same distro, I booted up my laptop to Ubuntu, and issued below commands line-by-line:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair

There is a good graphical article here in help.ubuntu.com: Boot-Repair

That fixed Grub, and Ubuntu is able to boot up properly again. But Windows is now not showing in Grub! So I searched for possible fixes.

2. bootrec /rebuildbcd. That was the suggested fix, which requires botting up with a Windows installation CD/USD. And that was required to be run in a command prompt environment.

At first, it was not a success. Further searches, I got the idea that I need to mount Windows drive, which I unmounted when I tried to install 16.04 over my 15.04 version.

3. mount Windows partition. I booted up to Ubuntu Live CD/USB, opened up disks from terminal, click-select Windows partition, flicked the switch to mount, then remove hibernate file by adding in mount option: ,remove_hiberfile.

Then I ran grub repair utility. Still didn't see Windows in the Grub list.

4. boot-repair. I ran it a second time, and I saw that it is already seen as one of the OSes. I completed the repair.

As I was able to boot up Ubuntu Linux and Windows, I did 2 cycles of booting up Windows and Ubuntu Linux without touching anything yet. Once I am confident that Grub is properly working again, I did the last step of customization.

5. Grub Customizer. I removed Windows 8, moved up and down Ubuntu, Advanced Ubuntu Options and Windows according to my liking, and I am back.

I am posting up this article from Ubuntu Linux 16.04 distro. I hope it helps me in the future, if the opportunity comes, and I hope that it helps somebody else who face the same problem.

Till then!

18 May, 2015

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This is the logo for Yodel Australia. Yodel Au...
This is the logo for Yodel Australia. Yodel Australia is an online advertising and internet marketing company located in Sydney, NSW. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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When you did, let me know how it went. You don't get rich quick, but you will be shown the way to make it big in the online world.

Till then!

12 April, 2015

My Dying External HDD... revived – by Ubuntu Linux

Tux, the Linux penguin
Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my years of computing, the volume of data that I have to keep grew lineary, sometimes exponentially, downloads here and there, documents piling up from transactions day in and day out. Naturally, an external HDD was required.

I bought a WD 1.5TB size, and it was immediately put to use.

It was big and heavy, and bulky, so when the remaining size in my internal HDD was enough to hold my daily space requirement, then the external HDD was disconnected and kept away.

And that was bad. The storage time was quite long, so by the time I needed to use it again, errors came up. Of course, this was all in Windows.

I tried using chkdsk to fix the error, and with a 1.5TB size, the time it took to repairing entailed long hours, and I had to leave it running overnight, but in the morning, the repair was still not done.

I had to abort, and to some point in time, that helped.

Until Windows had to give up on the chkdsk repair. I mean, today, I tried doing another repair for a very important file that I need, it didn't go through.

So I booted up in Ubuntu Linux, and used GParted to fix and repair the external HDD, and that somehow went through. Most importantly, the drive appeared in the list, and when I clicked on it, the files were shown. Not all of it, but the one I needed, I found, and copied out.

As one forum commentator said, “Way to go!” Reverse-engineer a Windows program and use it in Linux to repair a disk that can't be repaired in Windows! Of course, he is referring to fsck, and another utility.

Anyway, my external HDD is still okay after all, only that it can be accessed through Ubuntu Linux, not through Windows.

I might stick with Ubuntu Linux more often. This article is written and posted using Ubuntu Linux.

Till then!