22 February, 2011

String to StringBuilder, AJAX, Silverlight

.Net Framework LogoImage via WikipediaAfter a week-long course on 2957B and 6463A, I found some new ways to make my applications run faster and sleeker (performance- and graphics-wise).

I know, these are not new, but I didn't know better before.

  • String to StringBuilder
  • Double buffering
  • AJAX
  • Silverlight

Silverlight 4 UnleashedString to StringBuilder

Especially when manipulating strings, 2 - 3 times at most, the String var type is still OK. More than that, you should be considering the use of StringBuilder.

One of the problems that I encountered with StringBuilder is the clearing or blanking off of the var. Then I found out that in .NET Framework 4.0, the Clear() method is already available. In 3.5 or lower, you can set the Length = 0, which effectively resets the char length.

The StringBuilder also has Append() and Appendline() methods, which effectively obsoletes the equivalent coding for String, like "& vbCrLf", etc.

Double buffering

A very simple functionality, but like I said, I didn't know better. So my Windows forms are now flicker-free.

AJAX and PHP: Building Modern Web Applications 2nd EditionAJAX

Now this is new. I am yet to implement this, because Web forms are a transition for me, at least I know that there is a technology that is available to my use - for a better experience of my users, performance-wise!


Adding to AJAX, Silverlight is another trick up my sleeve. Well, this is on the graphics side of webpages, so that they are more pleasing and more attractive.

Foundation Expression Blend 4 with SilverlightAnd these are some of the big things that I have 'learned' in my week-long course, so hopefully, I now will be a better software developer.

Till then.

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15 February, 2011

Out for the week

The old .NET Framework logoImage via WikipediaI am on external course for the whole week, brushing up on my .NET knowledge.

As it turns out, I really need to have a refresher course: a lot I've already forgotten, and many I have ignored. I have picked up a few things to "enhance" the performance of my existing applications, and a few more things to help me develop better applications in the future.

Hopefully, the whole-week course is really going to be a boost in my coding skill.

Till then...

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