28 January, 2011

Can't get through company firewall: Qumana and Bleezer

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Today is another unfortunate day for 2 blog editors: they can't go through our company firewall.

So they have to go, and I can't say anything much about them. Except that both seem to be easy to install. Bleezer works the same way as Flock when adding your blogs - only requiring your blog provider, your username (e-mail address), then your password. Qumana is like Scribefire in this regard - each and every blog you have, you need to register.

Other than that, there is nothing more that I can say, except sayonara. I've uninstalled them immediately, so I don't forget.

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27 January, 2011

Blog Editor: Qumana

I tried using Qumana, but I cannot.

I can't even get through the 'Add Blog' portion, where you are supposed to add in your blogs.

Therefore, I have nothing to say for or against Qumana.

If you are wondering, I am testing at work, during some slack time, or when I am running something and have some 'free time' in-between, then I write some articles.

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Revisit: Scribefire

ScribeFire blogging editor!Image by Uncle Su via FlickrFor so long, I have not been using other editors for my blogs, but recently, I have been bugged by the speed (read: slowness) of my PC due to the power-sucking abilities of the browsers that I use. I mean, I'm honest that while some browsers have all the capabilities and functions, they do it by using much of the system resources. And if they are not that resource hungry, they don't have much to offer. It's always that balancing equation mode for many applications: much to offer, but taxing to your system; less resource-hungry, less to offer.

I have contented myself to use the blog editor in Flock ever since I found this lightweight browser, an offshoot from Firefox. But no, don't get me wrong. I'm not into social networks - the primary target of this Flock browser. I've been there, tried it, but didn't like it. But what Flock has to offer aside from being into the social networks, well, that is what I like. So I've sticked to using Flock's blog editor for quite some time now.

Today, I am once again reviving my zeal, and I have become more curious once more. Hey, technology is improving every now and then, so does application softwares. That would include blog editors. I am seeing new editors in the list that I haven't seen before, and I would like to try them once again, both old and new.

I am now creating this post using Scribefire in Chrome. The one thing that I don't like about Scribefire is that you have to 'register' each and every blog you have. That isn't the case with Flock's blog editor: you enter your blog provider, username and password, and voila! All your blogs with that provider is listed, and you blog till your keyboard keys drop!

Attaching picture is as easy as working in Windows (I am a Windows user, since I am a software developer; Mac simply don't let you in...) The same thing goes with attaching a link. Both features are the same with Flock's blog editor.

This post is my second article from Scribefire. See the first one.

Hope that my post is of help to all bloggers in the world wide web.

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04 January, 2011

Deleting saved form entry(ies) in IE

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In my haste, I make mistakes.

In my hasty typing, I enter wrong accounts or usernames, and with the auto-save turned on, these wrong entries get saved in the form, and they are very troublesome by the next time you open up and use them.

I've lived with them for quite some time, not knowing that there is a solution, and it is a very simple, low-tech solution.

I know. I've done it. I've applied the very simple technique. It requires very simple keystrokes actually.

1. Open up IE, and the form that you want to 'clean up'.
2. At the box where user/account is entered, click to activate the saved entries.
3. Scroll down by pressing the arrow up/down key, and when the item that you want to delete is selected/highlighted, just press the [Delete] button.

Now isn't that a no-brainer thing? I know, but I didn't know any better then. Now I am a better computer user, and at peace having 'cleaned up' my IE forms.

Till then...

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