18 July, 2011

Hijacked proxy

HijackThisImage via WikipediaWhile I was having the ODP.NET and VS2010 installation issues at work, I experienced some problem with my internet explorer at home. I cannot connect to any website.

The behaviour is the same with Firefox, Flock 3x, and Maxthon.

The only exception is flock 2.xxx. This is what I used to troubleshoot the problem.

It was also a long and arduous troubleshooting scheme, making much use of web articles and downloadable fixes. But I did find some help that really helped me.

Malwarebyte's antimalware

These are the 2 applications that helped me clean up my infected laptop. Why infected? My wife was asking why there suddenly is a song being played, and it is in Spanish.

I also did notice that when I am rebooting the machine, I would get a flash of ads - every time.

SUPERAntiSpyware Professional Edition 4.50 2-user License Lifetime SubscriptionBut I didn't know that it was that bad. To me, I deemed it something intermittent, for why would I be able to access internet using Flock 2.xxx version, and not the others?

I also did find HijackThis software, which I run to remove the registry entry of the proxy server, which I don't have, since I am directly connected to the internet. (Hey, this is home network, not office, no).

This is a couple of days only, since I am also quite in a hurry to fix this.

The web that introduced HijackThis software is where I found the inetcpl.cpl procedure that I followed. It is Internet Options in XP, but in Windows 7, you type it is the Start box. It leads you to the IE settings, Connections, LAN Settings, and this is where you untick the 'Use a proxy server..." selection (below), and tick the "Automatically detect settings" selection (above).

So it was a handful of steps that I followed, and it got me back my internet connection:

1. Run Antispyware softwares (Malwarebyte's Antimalware and SUPERAntiSpyware).
2. Run HijackThis, and removed the registry setting that is identified as hijacked proxy.
3. Correct my IE LAN settings.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware LifetimeAnd with that, all things are back to normal. I should say that it got me worried at the time I was  hit, because there were critical updates for Windows that I know are coming, but they fail to be downloaded, so that actually added on to the pressure of me getting back my home internet connection (on my laptop, that is).

Till then!
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