13 February, 2013

Unable to run Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (KB976932)

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12 February 2013

For about 6 months now, after installing (re-installing, rather) Windows 7, to solve some problems, I’m now stuck with a new one: inability to run Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update, KB976932, which is identified as an important update. I’m not saying it, and while I don’t fully understand what it is, with Microsoft saying it is one update that is important, I was a bit worried.

Anyway, sometimes I forget about it, since my machine is running fine. I’m still able to call up my programs, and I’m still able to modify and run my codes.


I came upon Internet Explorer 10.

I read about its write-up, the usual selling points so that unsuspecting users like me would install it without asking much questions, and that is just what I did. I proceeded to download and install it.

But wait!

Something was detected in my system, and the installer said something like IE10 can’t be installed due to some required update missing.

I checked on Windows Update, several times, and each time, I am told that Windows is Up to Date.

Reviewing the list of updates, there is this one particular patch that is periodically being tried, and always failed. That is KB976932 – Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

Searching over the web, there are many suggestions, of course, and none of them works for my case; there is the InPlace Windows 7 installation, supposedly to do a reinstallation of Windows 7 OS, supposedly to keep intact the programs and files already inside the computer, and supposedly being able to run update from the installation itself, and I do remember seeing this sometime back when I was doing some of the desktop computers at work. That is why I thought maybe this is the answer to my problem. I should mention that this is coming from some Windows forum.

I delayed, thought again then searched for some other possible solutions other than the InPlace Windows 7 OS installation. With no other options, I checked with our User Support guy, and having no factual experience himself, and knowing that I have checked on this item myself, he told me to go ahead.

I did just that…

I managed to run the installation, but I didn’t come to the point in the installation process where updates are downloaded and applied.

What’s more, NONE of my current programs and settings was retained – they were all thrown out and saved into a file called Windows.old.

And that was after doing an InPlace Windows installation.

Since I have made a copy of the installed programs before all this (thanks to CCleaner), I repeated the installation, and this time, formatting C: drive. With nothing to worry about, since there is nothing more to worry about, I decided to format C: drive in the course of re-installing Windows 7. When I was back to Windows 7, I installed all the downloaded drivers (I’m using ProBook 4430s set to 64-bit OS, by the way), and right after completing the drivers that take care of LAN and WiFi, I was connected back to the internet, and at that point, I was running Windows Update alongside installing the rest of the drivers.

To give me at least a bit of encouragement, I managed to complete all the Windows Update items until there was none, and I should mention, KB976932 included!

Then I was able to install Internet Explorer 10. Was it worth it?

You bet!

IE10 is fast – very fast indeed! So much so since IE9 was already getting on my nerves. So my problem of not being able to install KB976932, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, which is deemed an important update, was only solved by doing a clean and complete re-installation of Windows 7.

And I got IE10 as well.

Till then!
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