27 May, 2013

Mouse setting resets on reboot

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I have been struggling with the problem of my mouse setting resetting to default whenever I restart my laptop. And since it only happens on my laptop, with whatever mouse I plug in, I have come to believe that the problem was only on my laptop, not on the mouse or other pointing devices I have tested.

I am using an HP Probook 4430s machine, and I think that is where the problem just lies…

No, it is not the machine itself, but you see, searching for solutions to the problem in the web, I came across many, many articles, but summing things up, they offer these solutions, of course, suggestions, to be safe, as not everyone got to fix their problem – not me, definitely.

  1. Create a new user account – just not something that would be workable if you are talking about a company workforce of 5,000 or so employees and all of a sudden their mouse gets into this kind of problem. Or course, my case is hypothetical, but this is really not for the faint-hearted.
  2. Uninstall mice driver from Device Manager – well this did reinstall the device driver upon reboot, and surely that also didn’t solve the problem – in my case.
  3. KHALMNPR – just what is this thing with the weird name? Okay, I didn’t get to the point of pulling my hairs out of frustration, because searching high and low, opening all tabs in System Configuration dialog box, I didn’t get to see this dreaded witch, the unsuspecting culprit, as to why my mouse gets into a default setting after reboot.

So what did solve my mouse problem after all?

Mobile Monopoly

I mentioned that I am using an HP machine, so after many rounds (really, many…) opening and closing System Configuration box, looking at Startup tabs almost a hundred times, my eyes wandered up and down, back and forth, and finally, sorting by Manufacturer, I saw, for the first time (of course, really not the first time) that instead of KHALMNPR, I have ‘hpwmsd Application’ in the Startup Item column, belonging to Hewlett-Packard. Under Command column, it is in some *MOUSE* folder. I did a guess, basing on the KHALMNPR idea, that this could be the driver for mouse in HP machines.

I wasted no time unticking the boxes (yes, 2 .exe programs were there), and rebooted my machine ASAP, logged in, and voila!

Setting is intact.

Maybe yours is the same manufacturer, or different. The thing is, you could hunt for the manufacturer's mouse drivers, and unticking them so they don't get loaded on reboot, that may well be the solution to your specific mouse-reset-on-reboot problem.

Why not give it a try?

Till then!
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