25 January, 2015

Zemanta wasn't working in Firefox... uninstalled, reinstalled

Zemanta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I was posting some of the articles, and I noticed that Zemanta is still not working. That it didn't work a week ago when I did some posting was still acceptable - I took it as a temporary glitch.

But yesterday, I had to try it on Internet Explorer, to eliminate Firefox. It wasn't also working in IE, so I came to identify that Zemanta add-on is the problem.

Since I am favoring Firefox over Internet Explorer for my blogging, I went to disable and enable Zemanta in Firefox. That meant restarting Firefox each change, of course.

Tried editing the article, and still, Zemanta isn't working.

Since removing and adding the add-on (or extension, to be precise) is easy, I did that next.

Removed. Added back in.

When Firefox was restarted after the reinstallation of the extension, there it was: Zemanta working like a charm!

I went back to the posts that didn't have the Zemanta touch, and yes, blogging with Zemanta is back!

C'est tout!