26 May, 2009

Acoustica's Mixcraft

I have downloaded the software, and am currently evaluating it now.

I haven't tried working on GarageBand, and as I have mentioned, I am currently a PC user, and the primary reason for me to switch to using Mac is their music package that is bundled with the Mac unit: GarageBand, CuBase, etc.

Well, if I can figure Mixcraft properly, I may not make the move anymore. since I would have to be using my laptop for coding purposes, which is my primary livelihood.

Music is my main hobby, and it would be costly to buy a Mac just for my hobby. Of course, there are other hobbies that are more costly, and the expenses would be continual, like golf, which is just every time you go on a golf-ing spree, you spend. Buying a Mac is a one-time deal, and there may not be upgrades necessary later on.

Anyway, I will again post the update on my evaluation. There is a video tutorial, and the other part I am trying to do is to hook up my MIDI keyboard so I can do live performance, or controlled editing.... whatever.

Till then.

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