21 July, 2009

Samsung's back with new laptops

SyncMaster 152X is Samsung's 15" LCD display.Image via Wikipedia

Okay folks, I've been surprised with this news. A couple of months back, I was following how Samsung have entered the arena of consumer electronics battle, and it gained some footage, if I may say: black, sleek, shiny flat-screen TVs, top-of-the-line mobile phone models, coming close to the iPhone standard (I do prefer Samsung over the iPhone), etc., etc., then I noticed, nothing on the laptop area.

I searched the web, and found some history, sad as it is, telling that Samsung didn't make it good in its line of laptops, and had to quit.

2 years after, they now make a comeback. Will they make it this time?

A coincidence on Google Chrome's OS launching? Or all in the 'perfect timing' mantra?

Read the news story from ChannnelNewsAsia here.

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