28 March, 2011

Microsoft's IE9 officially out

Been trying out the use of the IE9 browser while it was in beta, and I say that some times, I like it, and at other times, I don't. A lot of factors, one will immediately say.

Tell it to users!

As a programmer, I know what it is being both a user and a developer, complaining about the work of others when they aren't satisfactory, and quickly defending (and absolving) mine when questioned.

Anyway, IE9 experience while it was in beta is varied and mixed. Will that change now that it is officially released?

By Rachel Kelly | Posted: 14 March 2011

SINGAPORE: Microsoft has officially launched the much-anticipated Windows Internet Explorer 9.

A Web browser that allows you to unlock a PC's processing power -- almost 90 percent of which previously went untapped.

That's what Microsoft is striving to do with its latest Internet Explorer.

The idea is to allow the browser to make optimal use of your PC's processing power without the use of plug-ins such as the Adobe Flash Player.

Microsoft says that the beta version of the product is already Microsoft's more-downloaded beta browser of all time.

And the product is free for consumers.

Microsoft's chief marketing officer for consumer and online division (Asia Pacific), Haresh Khoobchandani, said: "Currently, Internet Explorer's overall (market) share is about 72.7% across Asia....we believe this will continue to grow through IE9.

"Windows 7 will be a big driver of that as we start to see more and more people deploy and upgrade to Windows 7, and as more and more Asians go online and ask for a more secure browser and one that is fast, simple, intuitive and immersive. We do expect IE9 will grow on that for all our consumers."

Some digital marketing agencies welcome the move and say it will help to boost speeds and experience.

"It's great for us and Web agencies and people working in the online area because we can create much more immersive experiences that are better for the end customers. At the end of the day, one of the problems is that Web isn't close to real life experience," said Christer Eriksson, regional strategy director at The Upper Storey.

Analysts welcome IE9's launch, saying it is a more competitive response to newer market entrants such as Firefox.

"This is more of a competitive response to some heavy users of the Internet preferring browsers like Firefox more than IE. The multi-threading capability will definitely improve performance. HTML5 will improve video access (and this is important) since video is close to 65% of Internet traffic...," said Jayesh Easwaramony, director of ICT practice at Frost and Sullivan.

Going forward, experts say competition in the browser market is healthy since the user experience is evolving due to the proliferation of tablets and video content over the internet.

- CNA/ir

Taken from ChannelnewsAsia.com; source article is below:
Microsoft's Windows IE 9 officially launched

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