28 March, 2011

On to Silverlight and Ajax

Microsoft Silverlight 4 For DummiesI have began my journey to learning Silverlight and Ajax. I have completed my first books, Microsoft Silverlight 4 for Dummies and Bulletproof Ajax, aside from the books that I have got from my official course (2957B and 6463A).

I am glad that I came to read Bulletproof Ajax first, since it presents Ajax in a very general scope, and the while the book presents a lot of examples that accompanies the topic at hand, it isn't structured in a way that it immediately does into details. It gives you a view of the mountains and the path up ahead before taking the first step into the woods.

As for the other book, MS Silverlight 4 for Dummies, it is immediately dealing with examples while explaining the concepts, so that you do immediately while reading. This isn't totally bad, as many learners would want to do it immediately, running before walking.

Bulletproof Ajax 1st (first) edition Text OnlyWith these 2 books completed, I've grabbed a few others that will continue my learning of Silverlight and Ajax, what I believe to be the future of web programming.

And not to mention, I am new to the world of web, being a Windows application developer. I am sure that this will be a long and exciting journey.

Travel with me!
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