27 October, 2011

Lotus Notes 6.5 is now working!


I finally managed to get Lotus Notes 6.5 work on the GX520 – and on the Probook 4430s laptop!

The reason was actually very simple, and so uncomplicated, that it is almost shameful to be told.

Anyway, after so many days and weeks of trying and trying, searching and searching, tweaking, installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, and I was losing my patience, particularly today, and was at the point of giving up on this thing, I prayed for strength to go on, and patience to keep me cool, but most importantly, wisdom to at least know and understand what I am doing.

To begin with, I checked how the working PC is faring.

I opened the Visual Studio IDE on both computers to see what variables are getting populated, and with what values.

I did a simultaneous run on both PCs, inserting breakpoints at the same line of code, comparing side-by-side when codes are being executed.

Then I found the differences:

The Lotus Notes document cannot be opened.


The Lotus Notes Database cannot be created.


The password is wrong.

Also, the server is wrong.

So why was I using the .ini file with all the wrong details inside?

These are all defined in the .ini file which I copied from the GX520 PC, which is not used as a primary mini-server machine, but it was a development machine, and while the codes would be verified before deployed, that was before the server and account was changed. And with a code that isn’t very dynamic, there wasn’t any need to update the files now and then. That’s the bug that bit me.

I stepped through the code backwards, and here are the errors as encountered:

Object reference…” when the document cannot be opened.

When I tried to define a new Notes DB object by the ‘new’ directive, I got “80040154”.

When I searched about this error code, I found something like registering nlsxbe.dll, which I did, but the same error code/cause was thrown: 80040154.

Somewhere, maybe in quiet desperation, coupled with a slower movement on the code check, I managed to step through the line that initializes the Notes Session, which calls the login function, which was requiring the user, password, and of course, the server name.

I saw it from there, like a snake waiting to bite me if I ever stick my head in…

So a simple problem what needed a long time to get fixed, but it is all done now.

Lotus Notes object is not a problem anymore in my desktops and in my laptop (GX280, GX520 and Probook 4430s).

This may not be the case for still many others who are struggling with Lotus Notes 6.5 out there, but that number is one less now…

Till then!

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