02 February, 2012

Test back Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin BrowserImage via Wikipedia02-Feb-2012

Today, I wanted to give the chance to Dolphin Browser HD, whether it really is causing the problem of android phones self-reset cycle. After finding the cause of my phone’s first such self-reset mystery, and finding out that the actual reason was the over-transferring of apps from the phone memory to the SD card, I believe it is just right to clear the slate for Dolphin Browser HD, and declare it a ‘clean’ apps.

And I have decided to do that today, not later, as I may forget, and things become worse later on, since having the chance now, I didn’t grab it, and I lost the opportunity, just because of procrastination.

So that’s today. I have already installed Dolphin Browser HD, and a number of its auxiliary apps installed as well: like Dolphin Google Services, Browse Faster for Dolphin, Ultimate Flag and Text Sizer.

So if my phone don’t go loco, then I will have to tell the world that Dolphin Browser HD is okay! At least on my phone it is… hey, an hour, and my phone’s not dying on me after installing Dolphin Browser HD.

But I will give it enough days to prove itself before I declare it myself.

(Just to be clear, I have installed MX Video Player together with Dolphin Browser HD, in case there is a conflict of apps, I know which ones to hunt…)

Till then!

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