11 January, 2013

AutoCR Sections: The Parts That Make the Whole

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English: Change Management's Proposal flow Italiano: Change Management,flusso delle fase di proposta della RFC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am gathering all my wits to put this article up, as it means a total recall for me. I mean, from this moment forward, I would have to do my best to bring to mind the struggle and the pain, the obstacles and difficulties that I faced, and how I searched and sifted through the web articles that I found, tried and tested, and finally, to get a working model, fully functional, complete to the last letter of the specifications, and with some extra thrown in at that!

To begin with, let me list down the sections needed for the Automated Change Request System:
  • Home/Default page
  • Change Request Form for Manufacturing Device
  • Change Request Form for Starting Material
  • Page for Viewing CRs in Progress
  • Page for Viewing Closed CRs
  • Page for Viewing Closed CR Details


The Home/Default Page

The home or default page, is where any user, especially new, can get to know what this automated change management system is all about. This page also enumerates those data fields that are opened up for self-management by those data owners, like Qual engineers, Customer Service personnel, Product Engineers, etc., etc.

A simple process flow for the AutoCR is also included, so the user knows how the process works.

Our hotline, to be called if there is any issue or query, is put in as well. Now I say this is a must!

And finally, a note at the bottom of the list of updatable items points out the fact that anything not in the list will go through the normal change management – this is where we have our say to accept or reject.

That’s all for now. I will keep my posts short and (quickly) readable.

Till then!


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