19 November, 2013

My mistake: VS2010 to VS2013 is OKAY

Screeshot of FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms...
Screeshot of FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms version 5 in Visual Studio 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I was wrong. I thought that the errors I got from installing Visual Studio 2013 was due to the absence of Visual Studio 2012. I was wrong.

In one of the PCs I tried to install Visual Studio 2013 without Visual Studio 2012. That means I only have Visual Studio 2010. And boy, having these old desktops can cause a lot of confusion sometimes. It did, and I thought that the errors coming up one after another, they were all due to the “jump” from VS2010 to VS2013.

I was wrong.

While installing Visual Studio 2013, some errors came, mostly about SQL-related, and I just either retried the installation (modify or repair), until a restart was mandated. The installation continued after the reboot, until it was fully completed.

I called up VS2013, and when it opened nicely without any hesitation or problem, I was satisfied. When I was able to install updates, it was when I was completely assured that the installation was okay, or that I am able to “jump” from VS2010 to VS2013. I was wrong; dead wrong.

And only after my insatiable curiosity got the better of me did I find out about it, that I was wrong, and now, I am righting that mistake.
Jump from VS2010 to VS2013 is okay; it is possible.

Till then!
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