19 February, 2014

My GT-i9103 on OmniROM vs CWM ROM

SAMSUNG GALAXY R (Photo credit: Monkeyy78)
I have been using  CyanogenMod ROM in my android phones for quite some time now, and perhaps I got a bit tired of it, and I started checking on the other custom ROMs.

A check on some details and features, and I was off to trying OmniROM.

To be honest, I was impressed. I am actually using it in my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

But in my Galary Royale unit, it wasn't that smooth-running as in my Note 2 phone. There is one big problem that I actually found out - and only until 2 days ago - I confirmed where it was coming from.

OmniROM causes my Galary R phone not be to recognized by my laptop. And that is some major problem to me. While the unit isn't sporting some fancy features, this problem of 'unrecognized device' occurred at some critical time: just when I was starting on my self-study of Android mobile device programming.

And I thought it was the USB driver that was the issue. Or the unit itself.

Until I tried to look for Android 4.4 from CWM.

Since the unit isn't recognized, I had to disassemble the cover and the battery out in order to remove the SD card, so I can plug it in to another adapter, insert it into my SD card slot, and copy over the zip files.

And rightly so, after flashing my Galaxy R with a CWM customer ROM, it was immediately identified by my laptop. I didn't have to verify this 'restored' USB recognition with another laptop.

At any rate, I still run into some quirky problems. Yes, quirky.

With OmniROM, I am able to get the keyboard (AOSP) up and running. That doesn't work in CWM ROM. So while I am able to get the device recognized by the PC, I am not able to get google apps working, since I cannot connect to WiFi, or enter my user credentials.

Until I again found out that my CWM ROM 4.4.x must go with the GApps 4.4.x version. I was simply 'forcing' the one I already have, JB GApps 4.3.x, to work with the new CWM 4.4.x ROM.

After several tries, and confirming that CWM ROM gets my Galary R recognized by my PC, I looked for the rightful mate, GApps 4.4.x. I did another flashing, and this time, using the two 4.4.x versions, and voila!

The unit is recognized by my laptop, and at the same time, my Google account I can enter, and my apps all restored, and all.

This is my experience, so it doesn't mean it applies to all... but then again, I believe it is not an isolated incident.

Till then!

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