19 February, 2014

Font Editor - one that suited my need

FontCreator (Photo credit: TZA)

This will be my first article for 2014, and it will be a short one.

I have been working on m Android programming self-study, and part of that is to adjust the font size, both horizontally and vertically, for each Android device.

I am specifically working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device, and I like 3 fonts, namely: Advent, Hattori Hanzo and Yanone Kaffeesatz. These gave me the squarish look and the neatness that I so desired, specially when the font size gets smaller.

Of course, I did a number of Google searching, and I came up with 3, but ended to testing 2 only: FontCreator and Fontographer.

Fontographer can't open the C:\Windows\Fonts folder, however I tweaked the privileges in the program shortcut, and that is not a problem with FontCreator, so it became easy for me to start working and trying FontCreator.

I found that it gave you full control of the dimensions, kerning, etc., to name a few controls or dimensions usually set, reset, fine-tuned and finalized when creating fonts, but later on, some errors came up - one that I can't do anything anymore, even after troubleshooting and searching the web for corrections and/or related issues and the resolutions.


And that is some undefined script tags.

Nothing really came up.

At this juncture, I turned to the other application: Fontographer.

And I think at this time, I began using this program taking the right steps: consulting the manual. Or to honestly say, I went straight to what I wanted to do - adjust the font size.

I found that section in the manual, and while it is for Mac, the instruction is the same, with only the machine-based commands being different.

It was easy to follow, so a few mouse clicks, a number of dialog boxes opened, and I was able to try, try again, and finally to do it correctly.

A few tries after that, and a number of font installation in the Android device, and testing of various apps, I was done!

So while FontCreator gave me control, Fontographer gave me a quick and easy way of doing what I wanted, without even bothering about the numbers.

C'est tout!

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