06 August, 2014

Readyboost: sysmain.com

English: Screenshot of Microsoft's chkdsk.exe ...
English: Screenshot of Microsoft's chkdsk.exe (NT version) in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to upgrade my old laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 7, as I find that Vista doesn't cut it. It was nice, if you are coming from Windows XP, but after a couple of Vista years, and having experienced Windows 7 at work, I decided to do an upgrade.

So I did.

It was a move I wouldn't regret, as Windows 7 is definitely better. And even more so, that it has Readyboost feature. I know, it is not a replacement for RAM, but as I understand, it is additional cache memory, one that prevents frequent reading from solid-state disc drives, so it helps!

Then came the problem.

As I have bought a new laptop, and one that is running Windows 8.1 OS, I have almost forgotten to do the occasional check and clean-up routines. And my girls aren't saying anything about the old laptop. They just turn it on, use it, and shut down. No word.

When I remembered to do the usual check, I found that Readyboost isn't working. I saw that the thumb drive size of 4.GB is free. I thought maybe Readyboost was just turned off. When I tried to activate it back, I got the error, saying something about 'sysmain.com' problem.

I searched for this on the web, and I found some that suggested running Super Prefetch, or something like that, and when I tried to follow on the instruction, I got lost. And there really was no clear direction, because it tells of doing some other things -- maybe that is how it got fixed -- for them.

A few days of searching and trying, and finally, I gave up on it. I just did the usual chkdsk /f /r thing on all the drives, and yes, I remember running sfc /scannow, which, unfortunately, found some problems, but also reported that it cannot fix the problem. It was supposed to, but the fixer itself ran into some problem that it failed to fix the problems it found. Wow! The doctor is sick...

And as I said, the last thing I did was run chkdsk /f /r on all the disks, which required the checking for some drives to be on restart.

The laptop was restarted, and chkdsk did its thing, and guess what happened? It fixed the Readyboost problem! I just went back to right-clicking the thumb drive and turning on Readyboost, and it did turn back on! How's that? I still don't understand how or why, but one thing I am sure of, Readyboost in my old laptop is back, so it got some speed gain.

If all else fails, why not try chkdsk /f /r? It might just work for you... also.

Till then!