02 November, 2014

F5 Plug-in for Safari in Windows (8.1)

Apple Safari icon
Apple Safari icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wanted to see if Safari is able to run the F5 plug-in so that I can use this browser when I do a remote access to my office network from home. I mean, this is the browser that is so free, so why not use it, for working from home?

When I typed in the URL of the VPN provided by IT user support, I was able to log-in alright. but when I clicked on the Terminal Server link that supposedly uses F5 plug-in, since F5 is not currently installed (for Safari browser), it goes by default to the page that gives the two options for installation: auto and manual.

Manual, obviously, didn't work. For why would it give the two options, instead of going straight away to the installation process?

When I clicked on the manual install link, nothing happened. So both auto and manual don't work!

I searched. And I had to be so specific, for Safari is primarily and mostly utilized in Macbooks. So I have to search for "F5 plugin download for Safari in Windows", and that gave a lot of results.

Took some sifting through all the irrelevant pages, and even those that says F5 support, tells you what hotfix to download and apply, but doesn't tell you where to download. So yes, it took some time, but not very long.

Found one that I believe is from the Far East, and why not, the page is in Chinese. Anyway, I won't lose anything for clicking a button here and there. and the icons are quite straightforward, so I managed to download the so-called hot fix.

Here's the link, before it is lost in my daily computing life: Hotfix-BIGIP-11.2.0-2713.0-HF3

And by the way, the more exhaustive list is here: F5 Product Family

I am still downloading the 235MB file as I post this article, so I can't tell if it works or not. At least I have the patch to start with.

Till then!