22 November, 2014

Quick Start Guide to JavaFX

JavaFX Mobile
JavaFX Mobile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week or so, I completed reading my first book on JavaFX. It wasn' actually an intentional read. I just grabbed that book when it presented itself to me while I was browsing through the shelves in the library.

It wasn't a bad choice, I could say. It was bery basic, really a primer, but it gave me an idea of where JavaFX is leading, towards a more graphics-oriented computing, and it is no longer a very time-consuming activity. At least that is what it looks like on the surface.


Since that is something that catches our attention, what better way to create applications, whether on the desktop, or on the web, but which is expressed in graphics?

I had to return the book today, so I am making a short note now that I would again borrow the same book, re-read and re-read as many times as I can, then grab a new one to further my knowledge.

Fancy every time, a rounded button is designed how? That is one of the things I learned in this JavaFX primer.

Short read, much learning. How's that?

Till then!