16 July, 2017

How to remove Launchpage.org from Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge

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English: Browser usage share on Wikimedia Foundation projects on June 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
16 July 2017

Launchpage.org is another version of browser hijacker that seems to easily slip in without detection. And it took over my Maxthon browser's homepage. Fortunately, I have some other security settings turned on that checks for certificates. And this prevented my home pages from being replaced by launchpage.org.

Now I am not sure if there are installed programs that come with launchpage.org, but all I know is that the start icon is all that gets modified, specifying launchpage.org as the home page. So fixing that is all I will be discussing here.

Check that the Start page of your browser is not Launchpage.org. For Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon, that will be via Settings. For IE and Edge, that will be via Options.

Check also the shortcut of each and every browser. Right click on it, then on Properties, then change on Target. There should be nothing after the call to the program itself, for example, this is for Chrome:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

I have seen "launchpage.org..." something, something after "...\chrome.exe", so I removed that.

Do the same for the shortcuts of Firefox, Maxthon, IE and Edge, and whatever other browsers you use. On many occasions, checking on the browser's start page and the shortcut properties will already solve the problem and you would have already eliminated launchpage.org.

If not, then you do a check on installed programs via Control Panel, or by typing 'uninstall a program" or "programs and features" in the Windows Pearl 'Search Windows' box. Anything that doesn't seem to belong to a legit company, or anything that has a fishy name, or the company name is blank, you exercise your own judgment, and clean up and remove any of these programs.

Resetting the browser setting will reset everything, so to me, that is the last recourse that I will suggest.

Well, I hope that in this short article, you will be able to remove Launchpage.org from your browser, and you get your browser back.

Till then!