25 February, 2010

How Can Google Be Hacked?

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SHANGHAI - Two prominent schools in China dispute allegations that hacking attacks on Google and other firms originated from them, Xinhua news agency reported.

The New York Times reported last Thursday that security investigators traced the hacking to computers at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Lanxiang Vocational School in China.

Xinhua cited an unnamed Jiaotong University spokesperson on Saturday as saying the allegation against it is baseless, and an official at the vocational school said its investigation found no evidence the attacks originated there.

Mr Li Zixiang, a Communist party official in the Lanxiang school in the eastern Shandong province, said students there are currently on their winter break.

He also disputed NYT's report that some evidence linked attacks to one computer science class taught by a Ukrainian.

"We have never employed any foreign staff," Mr Li was quoted as saying.

Mr Zhou Hui, director of the school's general office disputed the NYT's report that Lanxiang had close ties to the military. He told Xinhua that some students had joined the military after school, but it was natural for citizens to do so.

Google revealed Jan 12 that digital thieves had stolen some of its computer code and tried to break into the accounts of human rights activists opposed to China's policies.

The digital assault was so serious that Google has said it's prepared to shut down its China-based search engine and the company and the government are still discussing a possible compromise. AP

From TODAY, Monday, 22-Feb-2010

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