02 March, 2010

I'm hit! - Windows 7 bi-hourly shutdown has begun

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My Windows 7 experience may have come to an end!

Last night, as I would usually do, I turned on my laptop after coming home, then leave it alone to run some tasks. This I did after coming in about 7pm.

As usual, the computer would go to screensaver mode, which, in my case, is a totally black screen.

I was completely unsuspecting anything... until...

I tried to wake up the laptop so I can check on the progress of the tasks, but instead, what I saw was a quick blink on the screen, then a reboot!

I'm still unaware of what is happening. I wasn't reading the news lately...

But what I already noticed is that the wallpaper was removed, so that I have a black screen background, and the lower right notice, aside from the notification balloon area...

"This copy of Windows is not genuine."

I checked from my control panel the System info, and true enough, I need to activate my copy of Windows 7.

As I've checked the web today, I found that this bi-hourly shutdown is given a timeframe 3 months, from 1-Mar-2010 to 1-Jun-2010. Before June, only the bi-hourly shutdown happens. When June comes, you won't be able to save your work, with the bi-hourly shutdown still happening, and some other things that you wouldn't like at all.

There is a temporary fallback, which is to install the 90-day trial version of Windows 7 Enterprise edition, if you need to really do further evaluation, then that's it.

I found 2 webpages that told me everything I needed to know at the moment, not including the pricing of Windows 7, of course. That is available at the web as well.

What should I do if I'm running the Release Candidate (RC) version of Windows 7?

Bi-hourly Windows 7 RC shutdown begins: Microsoft giveth and it taketh away

I don't think I'm able to cough up around S$500 dollars to get this OS.

I may go back to snail-pace Vista.

Or my rusty-but-trusty XP OS.

Only time can tell...

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