18 March, 2010

PC AutoShutdown – the simplest it can get

IBM PC with green monochrome display.

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I have always been a fan of complex softwares – and most especially when these are freebies.

Anyway, one simple functionality that has always fascinated me is shutting down a PC automatically. When I don’t need to worry about getting the harddisk so hot after being on for long, long hours, or that the PC is simply running idle, etc., etc., then why not do auto shutdown?

I searched through the web, and of course, there are a myriad of available softwares, some free, while some, you have to buy. And guess what, some are simple, while others are so complex that you get more than what you actually wanted initially, and still, pardon the jargon, some are giving you more of their ‘crap’.


I checked here and there, and it is as simple as

1. creating a .bat file in notepad.

2. putting in just 2 lines:


shutdown –s

(actually, only the 2nd line matters)

3. schedule a task that calls up your batch file (your filename.bat in step 1), where you specify the frequency and run time of your simple but effective auto shutdown ‘program’.


C’est tout!


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