14 March, 2010

Windows 7 and ZoneAlarm Firewall

Firewall separating zones of trust

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As much as I am wanting to still use Zonealarm in Windows 7, after about half a year of trying another firewall software running in Windows 7, I don’t think that Zonealarm will be able to run in Windows 7 without causing any trouble.

I mean, I did try it many, many times – perhaps about 10 times – to see which software is causing my PC to hand up and freeze, with plugging off the only way to shutdown the machine.

Only when I uninstalled ZoneAlarm (at least I’m trying the free version), then my machine went back to working properly and smoothly.

And I’m running now a legal version of Windows 7. I just bought the upgrade version, since my current set-up qualifies me to do that, and the money side as well. It’s more economical, as what the Windows support lady insisted.

So, what’s your experience. I mean, way back when Windows 7 was starting to get broadcasted and installed, I have already read in many forums that Zonealarm may not work. 6 months down the road after my first encounter with Windows 7, which I also tried ZoneAlarm back then, still the incompatibility existed.

So right now, I am using MSSE, the Microsoft Security Essential, and I should be covered just the same.

And just like most of things in our lives, computing is also a personal experience. So what’s your story?


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