14 May, 2010

The iPhone Manual

If there is one great gadget, many will say that it's the iPhone. Well, I don't own one right now, and I'm not crazy about it. Really!

And while many are enjoying that cute gizmo, many who wanted to try it out are turned off with it, because when you open up the box, all you get is that cute gadget - nothing more.

So where's the manual?

Many years ago, I remember one supplier trying to sell their product to our Facilities team, a software monitoring tool for building management. It was cute and nice, will all the nice icons and buttons and all those functions that I can consider quite advance that time.

Well, the guy did the demo very well, and the Facilities guys were impressed, and as by default, they would usually want to try it out - on their own.

The question was asked, "Where's the manual?"

"Their ain't none," was the answer.

Immediately you would know that these guys were turned off. They turned their back slowly, and one by one they left.

Fast forward to today. I have a colleague who bought the iPhone, and she don't like it. She's used to a Windows Mobile phone, and making the switch to an i-, i-, i- and all others i-'s drives her nuts.

It's worse. There's no manual, and she doesn't know what to do, how to make it work, what buttons to press, whether to slide up or down, etc., etc., etc.

So, for me, I take that as a warning. But hey, nobody is telling you not to buy an iPhone. It's a cool gadget, but the learning curve isn't just that steep since you have to do things by trial and error - basically by self-discovery, either by you, or by others.

Would you rather have an iPhone manual coming along with the unit? And if there is none to come in the decade or so, would you want one to be drafted and made official by all the ipHone users the world over?

Want to contribute now? That would be great! Looking forward to it, then.

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