17 May, 2010

Making Money Online

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Making Money Online.

While there are hypes about making money online, and there are so many 'gurus' as they would call themselves that, the truth can never be known from simply listening to these guys.

I'm years now into blogging, and I was once enamored by this enticing possibility. Why not? It is free, and all you have to do is blog your heart out. It's what we'd usually call enjoying what you like doing, and earning from it at the same time.

All that easy, right?


when these gurus talk, it is most probably that they are talking about something that is true. They show you their money. They show your their car. They show you their house (mansion, to be more precise). They show you many things that makes you drool, and say to yourself, "I want what this guy has."

Enticement. That is the whole truth of it. They speak only half the truth. That's where the danger lies.

You see, if you are working hard, and at the end of the day, the money you hold in your hand is what you'd call the produce of your hard work, your sweat and blood, your hard-earned money, would you part with it that easily? Would you think twice if you were to put it in some mysteriously high-paying plan, the source of which you wouldn't know, or couldn't even understand?

That's the whole truth of it. Making Money Online is:
1. Hard Work
2. Takes Time
3. Can't be through AdSense alone
4. Can't be through Affiliate Marketing alone
5. All the other hypes that you'd usually hear from 'multi-millionaire gurus'....

You earn when you sell. So basically, Making Money Online is about selling. And you don't sell crap to people, mind you. Don't be like those scammers and fraudsters who make money online by cheating you with your eyes open!

So please, making money online is not something mysterious. You want to earn, sell. And it has to be a legit product. It has to add value to your customers. It has to be a product of value and quality. Not hype. Not scam.

That is Making Money Online.

Agree? Spin a win!

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