03 November, 2011

File Manager other than Windows 7's Windows Explorer

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase I thought I have posted an article about file manager in Windows 7, but as I checked today, there is none!

Well, what prompted this search for an alternative file manager is the poor performance of the same application that is provided by Windows 7. I mean, the Windows Explorer is working fine in Windows XP, but when it comes to Windows 7 (I can’t remember how this fared in Windows Vista), the thing just sucks!

When does it not perform well? The performance is already bad even with a single-instance copy session. The worst comes when while that single-instance copy session is still ongoing, and you initiate another copy (or delete) session, then the duration or countdown to file transfer/delete completion skyrockets from minutes to hours! If you really want to ‘play with it’, add more file copy/move/delete session, and the numbers don’t move anymore.

I wanted to stop this there and then, because I cannot stop thinking why it behaves this way, the Windows 7 file manager. I searched the web, and I found several solutions, and of course, not all are acceptable, and while many work, not many are quite promising.

FastCopy – I couldn’t say anything about this application, because I can’t figure out much of its menu or instructions. I’m not being racist or whatever, but it is like flying a jet plane with all the button and switches written in another language. One wrong button and your plane will just crash!

NiceCopier – This I am using at home. I find that it is most advantageous when used for localized file activities. That means from locally-linked external drives, HDD, USB drives, SD cards, etc., it is most efficient, not to mention that the interface is nice and quite easy to understand. It is useable right out of the box.

SuperCopier – For wireless connections, NiceCopier seems to slow down, or its performance degrades. Without any change at all of the infrastructure, using SuperCopier does a better job. I used NiceCopier at first, and I find that the countdown goes up and down, and while the file transfer is progressing, there is just no telling when the activity will finish. Thus I used SuperCopier instead, and I am satisfied with the better performance. This is an A-okay application.

Today, I went to search for other applications that may come in handy, or may have other functionalities not present in NiceCopier or SuperCopier, and I found one that I immediately downloaded and installed. When I have used it for some time, I will write a review of it. It is UltraCopier. Hope that it is as good as NiceCopier or SuperCopier, at the very least.

Till then!

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