29 November, 2011

UltraCopier evaluated

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I thought there is some promise coming from UltraCopier; or if ever there was, it was broken.

I mean, interface-wise, it is almost the same as SuperCopier, but UltraCopier falls behind. I would describe both as skinny and scrawny, and showing some sticks and bones here and there.

NiceCopier looks sleek and smooth.

The messages while in operation (success, failure, prompts, messages), they also need improvement.

And is it only the looks?

Today I got the PC which I was handed down from another colleague within our department, which I sent to our User Support team for formatting and migration to Windows 7. And I was in the process of installing, rebooting, updating – and copying – that I was able to test both UltraCopier and NiceCopier against each other.

I made mistakes of issuing a reboot, as required or requested by installations or updates, and that is while the copy process is going on. The copy was issued from another PC, the source PC, going into the ‘new’ PC (I should say refurbished).

UltraCopier stopped, and the error message was flagged, and that’s it. I tried to click on ‘Play’ button, but there is no resuscitating the activity. I quit the window and exited the application.
I then tried to see how NiceCopier will fare under the same situation.

NiceCopier stopped, threw an error message, and stayed frozen. When the refurbished PC went back up, I clicked on the ‘Retry’ button at the error message window, and the activity resumed.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention the time required to move files here and there. UltraCopier likes to measure in days. SuperCopier doesn't usually say anything, just indicate the progress through the progress bar. And of course, NiceCopier shows by progress bar and tells the remaining time to copy/move - in minutes!

So with three free file management applications evaluated, I would recommend NiceCopier.

To rank them, in descending order:
  1. NiceCopier
  2. SuperCopier
  3. UltraCopier

Hope that this will be of help to many who are looking for file management apps that will be used in place of Windows 7’s built-in apps – which sucks!

Till then!
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