11 November, 2011

Publishing a Web Site in Windows 7

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I think I have finally figured out how to publish a web site in Windows 7. I mean, I managed from my limited knowledge years ago to create a very simple web site that performs just a number of functions, put it in one of the desktop PCs, and since it is working as expected, forgot all about it, how I created it from scratch, how I put the things altogether, and finally, how to make it run.

Now, with the series of migration being done for at least 4 PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7, what is keeping me back from migrating all to Winows 7 is the simple web apps that I can't figure out anymore how I put up.

I have already spent many days (and weeks) testing, recreating, compiling, publishing, copying, running - all to no avail. The web apps run fine when run in debug mode, but once deployed, one error after another comes up. And even with the help that I get from the web, the errors don't go away. I'm stuck.

Today, I may just be fortunate to have some time to read again and again the tutorial on Walkthrough: Deploying a Web Site Project by Using the Publish Web Site Tool, which is from MSDN. Now, this is by way of publishing a web site. The one that I have always been testing and testing is publishing by Copy method.

Then, in one of the links of the related topics, I chanced upon a very simple revelation: publishing a web site by copy method means you need to have FrontPage Server Extensions. That would have been alright, since I immediately found it by way of a quick Google search. Then, boom! It is not free...

Anyway, I have already made the other method working for me, so I will nwo stick to the new method of web site publishing: Compiled Site.

I guess, that is due to some security issues, that while it is allowed (so easily) in Windows XP, being described a more secure OS, Windows 7 has to be right and rigid. And I got hit with that mantra. But now I know.

I'm now preparing to migrate my simple web site for publication in a PC running Windows 7. And all my codes can now safely run in that OS.

Till then!

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