04 March, 2013

WebPage Icon

Icon of a computer on fire.
Icon of a computer on fire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I noticed that the webpages I created lacked one thing: the icon on the tab. I wouldn't have noticed it easily, cause I don't normally pay attention to that part of the tabs. But came a time I did, and I saw that my pages (I would call it that for simplicity) were bare.

There was no other way for me but to check from the web, and I found some, but many would again be trimmed down to one, and this is my pick. It may not be perfect, but it works the way I want it, the way I can handle it:

Icon Converter by Weissoft

It is a freeware, and there is a very short instruction on it usage.

I downloaded it, installed it and put it to work right away. it took me several tries, which isn't long, but quite easy so the repetitive task wasn't a bore, since I made a progress each time I did, and now my pages has a logo, no longer bare.

Give it a try yourself!

Icon Converter by Weissoft

Till then!
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