05 March, 2013

Desktop SMS Apps

Deutsch: Micro USB Ladekabel für Mobiltelefone
Deutsch: Micro USB Ladekabel für Mobiltelefone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
5 March 2013

I have been using mysms and browserTexting apps for some time, and I am satisfied with the performance. Of course, the ride isn’t exactly smooth: sometimes mysms would take a long time to send a message, something that I didn’t encounter with browserTexting apps. However, since I am using the free versions, my free tokens got all used up, and I am already required to make a purchase – something that I am not willing to do.

That sent me scouting for other free desktop SMS apps, and in Google Play, there isn’t a scarcity of these apps; they are aplenty!

Anyway, to cut the long talk short, I found Desktop SMS Apps, and while it requires the desktop UI to be installed, I have no hesitation doing this, downloading the installer, installing the program, and all. I used Jeyo’s Mobile Companion before, when I was using a Dopod that runs on Windows Mobile, and I could say the interface is very familiar to me; the UI of Mobile Companion and Desktop SMS Control are very similar.

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I also didn’t get into a lot of trouble configuring the Android phone to link up to the PC, either by WiFi or by USB. But for now and maybe this will be permanent, I will be going for the USB connection. I find that my device goes to sleep after some time of inactivity, and that effectively shuts off WiFi, thereby disconnecting my phone from the PC. I don’t get that using USB; the connection remains active for as long as the USB is connected.

So there you are, sending/receiving SMS from my desktop PC. That’s the basic thing. Having rules to these messages that you receive, and more, these are extra features you get from Desktop SMS Control.

Try it!

Desktop SMS Apps
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