25 April, 2014

Resize Opera Browser Window in Ubuntu

A GNOME icon for Opera
A GNOME icon for Opera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello again!

Seems I have to record everything I am coming across with in my course of learning Ubuntu Linux. Here is another one.

Firefox is built-in, and since I am one who prefer to use FF over IE even in Windows, I am happy with that. I usually do a lot of bookmarking, aside from live searching and browsing. So I needed other browsers. Came in Chrome, which I also use in Windows. Fortunately, it was easy to search and install from the Ubuntu Software Center (or even from normal web search, and just download the appropriate installer for Linux).

There were others, like Midori, Epiphany, etc. But in particular, I also installed Opera, which I happen to note to behave even better than IE, even in Windows OS. Duh!

Now, the problem is this: Opera opens up maximized. If you try to do a resize by hovering your mouse at the edges, there is no mouse pointer change. Well, this scheme works in Firefox and Chrome (I haven't messed with the other browsers, yet). So I am treating this as some kind of a minor problem.

I searched, and there was a suggestion on some add-on: Resize Me. Well, I added that, and it worked! But, it was on the current tab. That is not what I want. I want to resize the whole window, not just the current tab.

So one solution works, but not as desired.

I read some more, and one suggested of pressing ALT + middle mouse button when you hover on the edge. Sort of that trick works if you have 3 mouse buttons. But I use a mouse having only 2 buttons. So how?

Being one who doesn't simply stop at the slightest blockage, I said, "Why don't I try with the right mouse button?" I have nothing to lose.

So this post is to confirm that this trick works!

3 buttons, press ALT + middle button when you hover on the window edge (whichever you want).

2 buttons, press ALT + right mouse button when you hover on the windows edge.

Now, from my experience, the reason for the mouse pointer not changing to the resize icon when you hover on the edge is due to the window being maximized, somehow the behaviour is different. Opera window has to be UnMaximized first. That is what I did. Hover on the edge, then press ALT + right mouse click, then select (left-click) on UnMaximize. Browser window will slighty shrink, and at this point, the hover-resize method will already work.

Alright, this ALT key is required only when the window is maximized. Once it is UnMaximized, only right-click is needed to invoke the window resize menu.

How's that?

Till then!

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