30 April, 2014

Custom fonts may break Yahoo! Mail in Opera browser

List of Microsoft Windows fonts
List of Microsoft Windows fonts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This would be a quick post.

I could say that I was so happy that I was able to install Ubuntu Linux 14.04 in my Windows 8.1 laptop, and in the process of customizing things in the new environment, I would honestly say that some things got broken.

One is that for Opera browser, Yahoo! Mail didn't show up properly, as well as most of the websites - after I installed my custom fonts in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/MyFonts directory. Of course, /MyFonts is a collection of some fonts that I like very much, as you would guess, in Windows.

After learning how I can get them over to Ubuntu  Linux, I ported them without hesitation. Only to find that Yahoo! Mail in Opera would show me a blank face!

That isn't the case in Firefox and Chrome, so I narrowed it down to Opera browser.

When I checked on the fonts used in Opera, it was DejaVu family, so I was wondering, which font face caused the problem?

I have Advent, Hattori Hanzo, Droid Sans, Segoe, Yanone Kaffeesatz, to name a few.

I suspected Droid, so I got that deleted. I restarted the PC, opened up Opera, but no, Yahoo! Mail is still a blank face, and if some showed, the letters were overlapping.

I put back Droid*.ttf, and removed Segoe family of fonts (from /MyFonts, to be clear), restarted my PC, and opened up Opera... and Yahoo! Mail?

Well, it was back to normal!

So that is the cause! It may be different from your experience, but for me, this was verified:

1. Put back Segoe family of fonts, reboot, open Yahoo! in Opera: blank face.
2. Remove Segoe family of fonts, reboot, open Yahoo! in Opera: show nicely.

At least 3 times I verified, and I am very sure, it was the Segoe family of fonts that caused the problem for Yahoo! Mail in Opera browser.

Your case may be similar, or totally different...

Till then!

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