02 May, 2014

Fixing BCM4352 driver in Ubuntu Linux

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I needed to reinstall Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Trusty Tahr in my laptop, as the program that I needed to use doesn't run. I believe I messed it up - part of my learning, I would say.

As in my previous installation, the Wireless  Network Adapter wasn't working, and that is the one I had to fix first and foremost.

I searched again, and I don't think I found the same article that I used before, but now, I used one which I followed to the letter, and after reboot, I find that the Wi-Fi connection is still not working.

Since I had to go and send my K1 girl off to school, I shut down the computer. And my wife and I had to go to the grocery to grab some things. A couple of hours, we were back.

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So now I am on my second time to start the laptop after installation. I tinkled with the system settings, specifically on the profile photo, date and time settings, battery life indicator, etc. When I came to the 'Software & Updates section, I did my usual tinkering, checked the boxes on the Other Software and Updates tabs, and surprisingly, coming to the Additional Drivers tab, there was a choice to use the proprietary driver for the Broadcom wireless network card. That means what I installed was recognized by the system!

So, I have to take note of it now, lest I can't find it again should the need arise - to reinstall once again, or do another box.

Here's the link: Fixing Broadcom BCM43xx cards Ubuntu 10.04 and later

Hope this helps others who would run into the same problem: my machine is HP Envy-15 TS.

Till then!

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