02 May, 2014

And... shortening my command line bash prompt

English: Sample of Bash in GNOME Terminal. Scr...
English: Sample of Bash in GNOME Terminal. Screenshot taken in Fedora Linux. Results of ping, pwd, cd, yum and ls command. فارسی: نمونه‌ای از محیط متنی لینوکس (بش) در نرم‌افزار گنوم ترمینال، توزیع فدورا. خروجی دستورهای ping، pwd، cd، ls، و yum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This may be considered insignificant, but if you are one who sticks to the terminal, or the command line, it would be one sensible action.

Originally, the prompt would show the username and the box manufacturer and model, etc., etc. And this is what I consider 'unsightly'... ugh!

Well, no offense to others, I am just speaking for myself.

But I needed to shorten it, as it tend to fill up the line, without even typing anything.

I just followed what is indicated here, and it worked like a charm. So again, I am keeping a record, so I can go back to it when the need arises.

Edit .bashrc file and make some changes:
1. gedit/vi ~/.bashrc
2. Remove @\h
3. Replace \w with \W (lower case w to capital W)
4. Save and exit terminal.

Upon opening a new terminal window, the change should be effected already.

Reference is here: How can I shorten my command line (bash) prompt?

Till then!

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