03 May, 2014

Colors and more... in the Terminal

Screenshot of a sample Bash session, taken on ...
Screenshot of a sample Bash session, taken on an old release of Gentoo Linux. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am one who is comfortable using the Terminal, having used the computer since the DOS days, and while Windows with all its graphical interfaces is very much welcome, as it brings with its GUI tons of changes, I would find myself still at ease doing command lines.

And I would consider sprucing up the Terminal the pinnacle of a die hard's declaration... finding comfort in typing text and cryptic commands, also find comfort at least in seeing different colors in the texts and backgrounds. That's it!

So, I am one like that. I have worked on PROMIS since 1996, and DOS since time immemorial, all command-line systems, and I was very much satisfied just seeing the colors come alive on prompts and errors(!) and all.

And now that I am doing Linux, I craved for the same thing, and fortunately, there was help - from the Community.

I would just put a reference to the article, so I don't duplicate anything.

Here's the link: Customizing Bash Prompt

I hope you enjoy tweaking your prompt, to your own liking, etc., etc.

Till then!

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