15 May, 2014

MonoDevelop and MVC3, I should be content... for now

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You would notice that I would always date my posts. I should. When I do searching on the web, and I find articles, I would be very happy. Only to find that the articles I initially thought to be the answer to my questions are... well... outdated.

Thus, I always date my posts. For me, and for the one who would find them.

I would have to say again, like the scientist Mr Blue in Hulk movie, that I am usually 'more curious than cautious', and this is where most of my problems in my computer life are coming from, and mostly, for the good. I learn by making (unintentional) mistakes.

It is the same thing when I would say, to answer the question, what is the difference between a fresh graduate and a veteran (let's restrict to software developers), since both of them know how to program?

Debugging. Error prevention. Quick rebound. Composure and calm demeanour.

The veteran has been there, and knows what it is like to have issues and problems, even in the middle of the night, and seeks to resolve them based on knowledge learned from previous encounters.

And this is the years gone past, but for the fresh graduate, are the years before him.

And as for me, I should have been contented with what MonoDevelop has to offer: MVC3. I was forcing MVC4, and trying and following and trying and messing up, until finally, what I (unintentionally) broke was my Windows 8.1 OS.

I was curious. About 4 times already on installing and re-installing Ubuntu Linux, and always picking the option of 'Something else', but I got so curious as to what would happen if I pick 'Reinstall Ubuntu...', and boom!

Anyway, I'm back. I found that HP's recovery discs doesn't work (yap, I ordered them from HP since I haven't burned/created my own recovery discs from the preinstalled data), and even when I was able to download Windows 8.1 ISO images, the OEM Key as extracted from the BIOS info using RWEverything (that is the only tool that can do the BIOS data reading), well, it is not accepted to activate Windows. Crap! I have a valid key, but it is not accepted?!

You know what's the solution? Buy a retail version. Another crap! That would be about USD100+, whereas the recovery discs were a fraction, but also useless!

Pardon my disappointment, but anyway, I found a way to get back my Windows 8.1,and being given a chance to see which files, software and applications are important, I saved what's necessary (TestDisk - the only tool that helped me do the recovery) and discarded the rest. I wish I had everything back, but then again...

For now, I should be content with that MonoDevelop has to offer: MVC3. I will do my learning, and who knows, just one day, MVC4, or even MVC5, will come?

Till then!

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