05 July, 2014

Browser Shop in Chrome - Removed!

google chrome
google chrome (Photo credit: toprankonlinemarketing)

A couple of weeks ago, 'Browser Shop' just suddenly popped out of my Chrome webpages. As it hijacked the links, it was just a bit irksome. I wanted it removed. Immediately.

I searched, and there was none. not even the adware or malware software applications.

The extensions or add-ons removal procedure doesn't help at all. How can it help, since browser shop doesn't appear in the list?

Software removal program also is inutile, as there is no installed program called Browse Shop.

What's more, Browser Shop doesn't appear in Internet Explorer, not in Firefox, not in Safari, not in Maxthon, not in Opera.

Further validation I made is to check in Chrome in my Linux OS. It is not there, so I confirmed that this is a Chrome in Windows OS problem only.

When I ran out of options, I thought of one last recourse: uninstall-reinstall Chrome.

I did just that.



When I opened Chrome, Browser Shop is no longer there.

Of course, that entailed running CCleaner, two times, both on the Cleaner and Registry options, just to make sure that no remnants remain.

Even when I have Chrome linked to my account, I made a back-up of my favorites an homepages before I did the uninstall. Redundant, but I did double-redundancy.

So if you also run out of options, try uninstall-reinstall option.

It might just work.

Try it!