14 July, 2014

Day, Date and Time in Taskbar - Skinny Clock solves that!

Nearly forgot ;) - July 26, 07
Nearly forgot ;) - July 26, 07 (Photo credit: ThrasherDave)

A couple of weeks ago, I started working (again). And the box that I was given was running Windows XP. Yes, XP, as in XP. And the consolation was, the HDD size was considerable. I mean, compared to my previous company, whose old XP  machines came with a measly 40GB, the old machines in my new company, as I also heard from fellow newcomers, was generous: 250GB.

We all know what XP is, at least compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8. And since I am so used to being 'free' when it comes to computing, I find myself suddenly choked and restricted by the limits set to a normal user.

Nonetheless, I still was able to do some workaround, at least with the date on the PC. I was already getting used to the Linux interface, which I also see in Mac computers, so I was looking for the Day-Date-Time display on the taskbar.

Now, I checked this small requirement of mine, actually, a personal requirement, and of course, there are some answers. And some answers I find quite st**id. As I read it, the one who asked the question already mentioned that his/her taskbar is in the normal one-line mode, and they still would say, "What day-date-time?" And they continue saying '"f you just make your taskbar two lines, then you will see the 'day-date-time' info that you are looking for." I'd like to strangle that person!

I guess if you don't know the answer, then just keep quiet. Please!

Now, some guys know the real answer, and here it is. Use Skinny Clock.

Make it replace the system clock, and you can easily format the Day-Date-Time display to your liking. And as I mentioned, for one like me who has limited access privilege, there is the binary version, which you can download and extract to a folder of your choice, then run it from there. No installation required. And, it works!

Try it. I'm sure you will like it.

Till then!