31 March, 2009

Blogging Resource 1

I've been looking at the templates for blogspots, and the starter set are all in 2-column formats. And the content would have to be going down, down, and down, especially when the number of things you have is growing. Posts are normally going down, especially if there are many. But sidebars and gadgets would really have to go down, down, down with the increase of such items in your blog.

What's the solution?

Convert to 3-column template!

Or at least, if not making your blog 3-column, remove some items. So if you are like me, who would rather go for "no-deletion" mode, and would keep everything that I have been accustomed to see, or if I can use a template that will allow me to put in some more that what I have now (with the 2-column template, that is), then a 3-column blooger template is the answer to your question.

Checked on the web, and found many that are very, very complicated, some are suprefluously artistic, and some are overly simple.

Suited for blogger? Many are not, although they claim to be. But good grief, I did find still many websites that have a working version, and complatible with blogger.com.

I just picked one, where most, if not all, of the 2-column templates are available in 3-column formats.

Check it out, www.blogcrowds.com.

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