26 March, 2009

Finally found the cause of the blog width problem

After doing a lot of experimentation, and looking up in the web and blogger boards and instruction sets, and into the tips and tricks and help forums, and having followed to the bolt and nut what the experts have suggested and hinted or proposed, or recommended, but still makes my blog's post window push down or shift down the sidebars, I finally found the rootcause.

Guessing still?

It is the editor formatting from my Outlook e-mail.

Since this feature is available in the blogger system, I have used it the moment I knew of it. From then on, the sidebars are out of place. Then, I went as far as modifying the width of all the windows (post, sidebar, etc.) - to no avail.

After some months, I created new blogs, chose the templates, and with each new template I selected and activated, the page is rendered correctly. I even switched from Internet Explorer, to Firefox, then to Maxthon, and there is no rendition problem.

All of the different blogger templates are showing up correctly and properly - until I posted. Then I remembered some time past that when I made one post by e-mail, then went to edit it in the blogpage directly, that some error messages were thrown out, in particular, to the formatting that is not handled in html; of course, I determined that these are MS Word formatting commands, so that gave me a hint.

So what I did was to turn off the 'edit using Word' option in my Outlook mail application, and voila!

This one is now coming from my Outlook mail with the option turned off.

It works!