27 March, 2009

A lightweight version of e-mail sender for my blog

After exhausting (really!) all my options, I found that simply disabling the 'Use Word as editor' option in Outlook is not foolproof.

At least I know now why my sidebars are out of place - many times confirmed.

And I also know why they behave that way.

So if I continue to use Outlook to send posts to my blog, then I wouldn't know when I will get hit, since there is no assurance of a 100% 'clean behaviour' for my e-mails - there will be instances that I activate some formatting options, and that would once again disfigure my blog. No way!

So I browsed through the internet for some lightweight e-mail sender to do away with any (take note, any) and all rich text or html formatting, and that should make it effective everytime.

I did find one. And it does the work. And wonders! I'd say wonders because despite it its minuscule size, not to mention it being free (it's a freeware), it will save me a lot of trouble, all the troubles that I got using MS Outlook. Not that MSO is not good, but in my case, and required application, this free software works.

And that small software is the Small EMail Sender. It's all over the web, so it is easily found. I'm using v2.0.0.0.

It may help you as well.