27 March, 2009

InstaPaper, website of the week


I love reading articles and stories online but with the wealth of material available, I've acquired the bad habit of keeping a dozen or so tabs in my Web browser open, so I won't forget to parse through them later. That isn't a problem anymore with Instapaper, a simple and free bookmarking tool. There are plenty of bookmarking websites on the Web but Instapaper gets our pick for giving the least minimal amount of fuss to get it done.

Once you register, you can add a "Read Later" bookmarklet in your browser that you can click on to save the current Web page for viewing later.

It keeps a record of the bookmark inside its online database, allowing you to access it from anywhere.

Lucky you if you've got an iPhone. The Instapaper application for the iPhone syncs and stores a simple text version of what you've bookmarked online, so you can read your material even when you don't have a connection.


From TODAY, Tech
Friday, 27-March-2009