12 December, 2011

ASP.NET Textbox Selectall() property


I am currently writing a form where I needed to highlight and select all text in a textbox when it is selected (onfocus), cause that is what user will be doing: copy and paste, so that in effect requires selecting the whole text string currently in the textbox, to replace it with new value.

I got two answers from my search routing, server side, and client side, and that is coming from a single article.

Here’s how:

In Page_Load event, add below code:

myTextBox.Attributes.Add("onfocus", "this.select()")

The other way is what I tested, and it worked, so I assume above works as well:

Hoe this helps you, as it did me.

Till then. Ciao!

Reference: selectall() property in C# for textbox control

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