01 December, 2011

Can't play streaming radio: fixed!

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This is from the home front.

When I did a trial of AVG PC TuneUp 2011, I was very happy. Little did I know that some effects were undesirable.

My IE9 stopped playing streaming radio.

And I thought it was IE9. When I tried it  on Firefox, Maxthon, Safari, Chrome and Flock, the same result I got: the play button on the internet radio just flickered when it quickly sunk on mouse click, then it popped back up right away.

I thought if I clicked many times, it would work… silly me.

This went on for days.

I searched the web.

Some forums or articles led me to checking Windows Media Player setting. And I found that there is no value in the Streaming proxy settings (Organize > Options > Network). What’s more, the Configure button is grayed out.

I searched and surfed, and here’s what I found as suggested actions:

  • Make Firefox the default browser, or vice-versa.
  • Reinstall IE ( or whatever is your favorite browser).
  • And many other various tips and tricks, so they say.

Of course, all of them didn’t fix my problem. Until…

A couple of days back, I came across one forum, the discussion of which was a lengthy one, and of course, the usual offerings (as listed above) were thrown to the asker. And almost at the end (which is an indication that the solution was got), one guy told of registering one library:


That is, to go to c:\windows\system32 folder, then issue the command in the command prompt:

c:\windows\system32>regsvr32 wmnetmgr.dll

Did that fix my problem?

You bet it did!

And if you are having the same problem, you can try this solution. I bet you will say it is the solution.

Till then!

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