02 December, 2011

The provider is not compatible with the version of Oracle client; ORA-03134

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One of the final touches that I had to do on the new refurbished PC that I got is to make it into a local web server, an intranet application per se. And having found that in Windows 7, the way to go is publishing by a compiled site, I did just that.

I am one who would tend to make use of the different technologies and methodologies, just to be able to familiarize and not be tied to one; it’s for the good: when that singular method you lean on breaks, your whole system breaks, so having many sticks to lean on, you still are lifted up by the many others that remain standing and strong – when one breaks or falters.

Here’s what happened:

I copied over the codes, built the solution, and then published it. Since this is the second time around, I was going through all these things, including the creation of the folder, a breeze.

When I accessed the service from another PC, well, I got a 404 error.

I went to the IIS manager, and ticked all the services and features that I think are needed; of course, I haven’t memorized these sets, so I referenced the other PC that is already running the same web application.

That wasn’t enough. I still get a 404 error.

I remembered other things needed, so I didn’t hesitate downloading Web Platform Installer, where some other small, small services or features, not to mention some other service packs or applications, are offered.

I did that, and when the installation was finished, I did a reboot.

That brought the intranet application up and running!

Well, not all of it.

The section that runs queries using Oledb was okay. The other section that runs queries using Oracle client (ODP.NET) wasn’t. I got this error message:

“The provider is not compatible with the version of Oracle client”

Of course, the web being my primary source of information, I immediately launched Maxthon, which I prefer using to IE (a snail browser; Netscape is many times faster than IE), and searched on solutions to this problem at hand.

Again, many, many articles and discussions offered various steps to solve this problem, like copying over some dll files to the folder holding the exe, installing the ‘right’ and ‘compatible’ version of Oracle client, etc., etc. I could say the list is endless. I think I also saw some that suggested checking on the Oracle home definition, in various way and means, which I did by invoking Home Selector, and finally, through the registry editor.

And these didn’t help me. My problem isn’t solved. I actually did another comparison technique, that of the working PC and the non-working PC. They are the same.

But taking from some from the whole, I did what I think will help. I reinstalled ODP.NET, of course the version I am using is the same all over the computers that I manage. So there is no question of introducing an ‘incompatible’ or ‘incorrect’ version for this software.

Well, that fixed the problem on the particular section. BUT, it broke a number of other applications!
In particular, I got this error:ORA-03134. This is something about a newer Oracle client version accessing an older Oracle server version.

I’ve been through this one, but I don’t remember how I fixed it! My gracious me…

But I thought, since I fixed one by reinstalling, why don’t I do the same with this other?

And I did just that, reinstalling Oracle 9i client – which fixed ORA-03134.

I did a reboot, and after confirming that all the sections of my just-released web application are working, I retired – for the day.

Here’s a summary of what I was doing, what happened, and how problems are fixed, so far:

  1. Publish an intranet application on a local desktop PC running in Windows 7
  2. Copy the codes from another PC (already running the same web apps).
  3. Created the folders in the Program Files directory for the web apps destination.
  4. Built, and published to local folder (through compiled site method).
  5. Opened IIS manager (inetmgr), then added in the Virtual Directory (PC_Name >Sites > Default Web Site right click, then select Add Virtual Directory).
  6. Once the Virtual Directory is added, I right click on it, and then selected Convert to Application.
  7. That’s when error 404 was thrown out.
  8. Turned on additional windows features on IIS. Still got 404.
  9. Installed Web Platform Installer, followed by installing the service pack, and some auxiliary services and features.
  10. Reboot, and that’s when Web Apps was brought up, but section using Oracle client wasn’t working, with this error message: The provider is not compatible with the version of Oracle client.
  11. Reinstalled ODP.NET (the version I am using is ODT with ODAC
  12. Fixed section using Oracle client for oracle connection, but created a problem for the others, specifically Oracle 9i client, with this error message: ORA-03134.
  13. Reinstalled Oracle 9i.
  14. The other programs were okay, and every section of the web apps works.
  15. Reboot, and crossed my fingers while waiting for the machine to come back up.
  16. A final check and review, and everything were working fine.
  17. And so I retired for the day, tired, but happy.

Till then!

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