02 December, 2011

Flock 2.6 and Zemanta 0.7.1

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I guess this is one long overdue post.

I mean whenever I browse the web and search for Zemanta for Flock, I always see those angry and frustrated people like me, who wanted the old Flock (Flock 2.6.1, or 2.6.2) with the magical Zemanta add-on, which is really magical when you are into blogging.

You know what Zemanta can do for you, so when it’s gone, the horror!

I have come across the same problem myself, which is one major reason why I am not ‘killing’ my other PC, the old XP machine, which holds the magical duo Flock 2.6.1 and Zemanta. I hold this PC from being migrated to Windows 7 because of that.

But now, there’s no holding back. I have searched long and hard, and have found how to get the magical duo into any other PC.

There are many sources, but one singular site I can recommend for getting Flock 2.6.1 is FileHippo.com; and there are many sources for Zemanta 0.7.1, many of which are bogus sites, telling you they have, but offering something else. Fortunately, the source I found is very reliable as well. And why not, it is the same add-on that works for Google’s Chrome browser.

So there you go:

  1. Flock 2.6.1, get from FileHippo.com.
  2. Zemanta 0.7.1, get from Mozilla Add-Ons Page.

Well, the links I have provided, so hopefully, you’ll get them right away.

Happy blogging!

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