15 April, 2010

3 Blog Editors - What Have You?

I was searching for some blog editors, and this page came up.

I said, "Finally, this should be some good and useful blog editors."

I quickly opened up the page, and lo, and behold, what I found surprised me!

Yes, there were 3 recommended blog editors, and these I am already using.

I think I should be really using what I have, and stop searching for other blog editors - for now.

The search will go on - technology is continually improving, and for sure, there will be newer and better blog editors. Who knows, the current ones will be improved or enhanced to an astonishing degree?!
These are they:
  1. Windows Live Writer
  2. ScribeFire
  3. Flock

The other guy who said about the 3 editors, see his article here: 3 Blog Editors. Check it out.

Which one do you use?

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